Holy Smokes, That was Brutal!

So I did the Capital Trail (over a week ago now) and I’ve not been on here since as my fingers, as well as various other parts of my body have not been working properly.   Upon returning home I simply ditched my beloved Stooge in the back garden and left here where she lay, bags and dirty washing attached, for three days (3!). For long periods i wondered if I could ever face her again or wither she would be left to rust, decompose and return to the earth like a sad old ship rotting on the beach of youthful memories.


Tugged off


Ive recovered though, picked her up, reattached her pedal and sprayed her with my hose and am now planning my next MTB marathon!  (More about The Ochils Odyssey at a later date).

With a view to reviews of stuff I was using on the trail, to be honest i was fucking knackered and quickly decided that I couldn’t be arsed taking notes, however I will say the following:

  • The Stooge was awesome, comfortable, fast rolling and great fun over the faster descents and around the man made trails.
  • The Garmin was good fro a day until we took a detour and it went into meltdown. For the rest of the trip it kept telling me to turn back which wasn’t particularly motivating. (probably more to do with my ineptitude that the device).
  • The Alpkit Bags worked well as bags.  As far as bags go they were very baggy, but not baggy in a baggy way but in that they were the perfect bags for using as bags and they kept everything dry.


Another picture of a bike

With regards to the trail its self was fucking brutal!  No exaggeration, brutal!  Lots and lots of climbing then a tiny little bit of descending then lots and lots of climbing again then lots and lots of climbing again, then lots and lots of climbing again.  There was mud.  Lots of thick mud, gloopy mud, semi dry mud, brown mud, black mud and my personal favorite Stinking mud!  All of which made climbing through the mud a particular pain in the arse but we struggled on through the mud and were triumphant in the end.   Admittedly we did do the trail in the opposite direction from what is advised and i am pretty sure now, having done it this way that to do it the advised way would probably be the better option. We were kinda lucky with the weather although we did get hail, snow, sunshine and rain within the first hour.  It was mostly cold but dry apart from the mud.


Up yours weather boy!

The scenery and sense of being out in the wilderness however was magic!  And we found a sheep skulls and strapped them to the front of our handlebars!  Rock & Roll!


Sheep head codpiece

Anyway, now ive recovered and have had time to rant and to think about it,  its a stunning route although brutal!  I would advise do it in summer when there might be less mud.


See you on the trail,  Here are some pictures:



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