Saggy Saddle Sac

My name is Bikey McBikeface and its been 8 days since my last post, in that time I have cycled a bike 10 times.


Ten (10)

I apologize for the delay but ive been recovering after the latest fantastic edition of Paris Roubaix.  What a race!  Undeniably the best classic for a good few years.  It was so exciting and i was in turn so excited that i actually burst from the excitement of it all.  Never mind Aussie Haymen sucking rock, although its an amazing result for him and he rode a stunning race and deserved the victory, he did manage to rest quite a bit on the way in and in my opinion there were others who did more to light up the race.  Several other protagonists deserve special mention, firstly:

  • Tom “Duke Nukem” Boonen and the whole Quick Stepp team, what a team performance, what wonderful attacking tactics, what commitment and derring-do to tear the race apart as they did just wonderful, wonderfully, wonderful stuff.

2013-08-25 Bicycle Friends Duke Nukem


  • Sagan, Sagan the wonderful man.  Did you see his bunny hop over Big Fab Fabian?  Wonderful!
  • Iain St St St Stannard, truly unbelievable performance, attack after attack in the last 15k.  Working on the front at points earlier in the race, dragging groups across to breaks at various points and then to appear from no where to grab third spot, the performance of a lifetime, Boonen deserved to win it but equally so did Stannard, hopefully the start of him really getting to grips with the classics and picking up some wins.


This is how he actually looked at the end

  • Last but certainly not least, Carlton Kirby for his absolute classic commentators curse comments regarding Team Zombie dominating the race.  About 35k from the end “Team Sky are really putting in a dominant performance” Boom, two sections of pave later 3 out of 4 sky riders in the front group are on the deck.


This weekend for me however is all about the mountain bike, as you know ive had the full kit out a few times practicing for the Capital Trail bike packing mountain biking cycling expedition. Its 160 miles or thereabouts out from Edinburgh and over hills and grass and that and Im looking forward to it apart from some issues with my saggy saddle sac and that little douche off the telly that does the weather.


Sleet!  in April!  I swear that little fuckers got it in for me!

I intend to review several bits of kit if i make it back with my typing fingers intact. I don’t forsee me being very good at it as im not really keen on instructions so may well not be able to work most of the stuff but ill be honest and if its shit (or i cant work it out) ill throw it in a bush.  Ill be using or attempting to use:

  • 1 x Stooge MTB bike for offroad cycling
  • 2 x Alpkit frame type bags
  • 1 x Ukranian ebay saddle bag (which is already lacking in stiffness)
  • 1 x Garmin Touring Sat Nav
  • Any real ale i can find

Wish me luck, hopefully weather permitting ill be back next week with pictures and hilarious tales.


Before the sleet


2 thoughts on “Saggy Saddle Sac

  1. I thought that was a pretty incredible race as well. It was exciting and full of incredible moments. Some of those bike handling moments were awesome. I would have spilled many times.
    I felt bad for Spartacus. Every race I have seen him in since The Tour de France has ended in some hard crashes. This one and Flanders weren’t too bad, but ….man, if it wasn’t for bad luck, he would have no luck at all.


    1. Agreed, brilliant race and do feel a bit sorry for cancellara, especially as its his last season. I suppose its what makes it such a great race though, the unpredictability. Also, its down to Boonen and quick step that he was in the position he was needing to chase on. Great race, hopefully rest of the season as good!

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