Sagan, Sagan what a wonderful man

Sagan, Sagan, O’ Peter Sagan, what a wonderful man you are.

I bet on you Sunday and won lots of money so now thanking you from afar.


With your flowing gold locks and your very tight shorts,

your a wonderful sight to behold

and as you flew over cobbles while Vanmarke wobbles

I started to count my gold.


Peter Sagan – Bicycler

Anyway congratulations to Peter Sagan, brilliant performance and fantastic first monument win can only imagine there will be plenty more to come although I think Big Fabian might be to fast on the flatter terrain in next weeks Hell of the North.

Also worth a mention was the one crash taking our the entire BMC team, obviously terrible when people get hurt in accidents but the same rules apply as when out cycling with friends, check they are ok then laugh and im pretty sure every Directeur Sportif not working for BMC was tittering away behind their dashboards.

Something else I noticed on tinternet today was the unveiling of Specialized new concept time trial machine, part of the Venge range, “The Flange” doesn’t adear to strict UCI rules around bike stuff so can only be used for cycling to the chippy but it will get you there on average 1-2 miles an hour faster.  Funnily enough this is about the same average speed saving you would get from not cycling to the chippy in the first place so you’ve got to ask, whats the point?


The Bike from Tron

Hell of the North, Paris-Roubaix, Cobbled Classic of classics preview to follow later in the week.  I really hope its raining in the north of France next Sunday!


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