Flanders, Yaaaaassssss

Here it is, my first blog.  Been thinking about doing this for a while but im not a teenage girl so its taken me a while to get over the “no one cares, no one is interested” thoughts racing through my head.  Im still sure no one will care, no one will be interested but im so excited about the upcoming Flanders & Roubaix races I simply cant keep it to myself and people I know in real life are sick of my over excited ramblings.

Parigi - Roubaix 2008 Allenamento sul pavË

As I say, new to this so not really certain how to continue but ill start with the first one, rolling over cobbles near you (on eurosport) this Sunday.  Tour of Flanders is a absolute classic, brutal day, brutal course of brutal hills.  Only the hardest of hardmen in the peleton can hope to win this, guys like Sean Kelly back in the day and Boonen and Cancellara more recently have shone. This year look to Cancellara again in his final season, Stybar, Van Avermaet or Vanmarcke or will Sagan get his first monument?


Who Knows?

Another brilliant aspect of Sundays race is the cobbled climbs, classic like the Paterberg and the Koppenberg are hard and fast and likely where the race will be won and lost, They are so narrow and steep at points that riders regularly fall into the ditch or have to get off and push.  Brilliant viewing!




Will be enjoying both come Sunday!

Team Zombies only chance in this and its not much of a chance would be if Geriant Thomas has been stuffing his face with pasta 7 times a day since his miraculous win in Paris Nice and has gained the power he almost had last season, unlikely given he is clearly concentrating on and looking good in the stage races.  Its a shame as Thomas, despite being on team Zombie is one of my favorite riders and it would have been great to see him progress on the great classics campaign he had last year.  Stannard no chance, to hefty for the climbs.

Will explain “Team Zombie” at a later date, needless to say not a massive fan of team Sky.


I dont just intend to rant on about bike racing, im crazy into cycling and intend to ramble on about all aspects of cycling as i see it, from infrastructure to outfits, daily commuting to MTB epics and cool classic steel bikes to geeky folding dork wheels ill cover it all (some of it).  I also love booze, books and various other stuff which will get mentioned now and again.

Anyway, get a Kopenberg chilled and sit back and enjoy the Kopperberg on Sunday (deliberately the wrong way round for comedy value thanks).

Bye for now


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